About Artful Well Wishes

Artful Well Wishes is a collection of small original art by Betsy Gaccione that is affordable, giftable, and the perfect size to frame and display on a shelf or wall or to just give as a pretty gesture to brighten someone's day. Whether it's something amazing or awful that happens, my little paintings can be a less expensive and lasting alternative to let the people in your life know that you wish them well and are thinking of them.

Artful Well Wishes was born from a combination of my love of painting and a desire to provide an alternative gift option to sending flowers, something that has been percolating in me since my mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2003. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE flowers! Their beauty amazes and inspires me, and you will see that they are the subject of so many of my paintings. But, their natural beauty is finite. And, they can be so expensive to send!  When my mom was going through treatment or facing another surgery, flowers always brightened her day and made her heart feel full knowing the sender was pulling for her, but the flowers always faded. I thought then, wouldn't it be great to give something unique, lasting, and just as meaningful?

That thought sat with me for a long time. And then in 2020, I started to paint...a lot...and I accumulated a lot of paintings...and the paintings needed homes...and I noticed a floral theme. I realized that the beauty of art can last forever, but the size and affordability of these art pieces make them easy to incorporate into someone’s surroundings for as short or as long as they want, whether it be for yourself OR gifted to someone else as a continued reminder of your thoughtfulness. They can be given when you want to send any kind of greeting, not just get well or feel better, but also thank you/appreciation, happy birthday, love, thinking of you, with sympathy, happy housewarming, congratulations, wedding/anniversary, new baby, new job, happy holidays, seasonal greetings, and more - an Artful Well Wish!

Each piece comes matted and wrapped in a clear envelope allowing you to write a personal note on the back of the art piece to give as is, or you can easily slip it into any ready to hang standard size picture frame to give...or keep it for yourself!

Original painting designs are all by Betsy Gaccione. I use only artist grade materials. However, protection under UV glass to prevent fading is recommended. Artwork and images cannot be copied or reproduced without written consent of Betsy Gaccione who retains all rights to future use of the artwork and images even after purchase.