Giving Back

Your purchase will also contribute further…

I paint + you give + we give back = everyone shines

A portion of every sale of the Artful Well Wishes collection will be donated to a non-profit organization whose cause is meaningful to my family, friends, and/or community.

We are currently supporting the National LeioMyoSarcoma Foundation
in memory of Betsy's mother, Florence McClure, by donating 25% of all sales of the collection.

The NLMS Foundation provides education, advocacy, support, and research for the LeioMyoSarcoma Community as they move forward in the quest for the cure. LeioMyoSarcoma research is under-funded because it is a rare cancer, making our donation that much more meaningful and appreciated. 

Thank you for giving a positive outlet to my inspiration to paint, allowing us to brighten someone's day and to support important causes.  Check back soon to see which organization we'll be supporting together next.